• Grand Love

    Connecting humans through vibrant experiences

  • Grand Love Experiences

    Unique & immersive events that bring joy and connection

    The Grand Recipe

    A conjunction of ingredients that enable participants to rise, feel good and connect in a warm and beautiful environment

    A powerful concept

    An original and smartly conceived event format, with a clear intention: fostering connection between people, celebrating a success, experimenting the future - or just dancing!

    An inspiring venue

    An original and unexpected place, beautifully enhanced by state-of-the-art lighting and a creative and warm scenography, with a lot of plants of course!

    Grand Love's music

    Grand Love's distinctive musical selection, designed to bring people together in a joyful spirit, as a canvas for the experience

    The magic of people

    People are the heart of the experience.
    We provide the environment, welcome people and give soul to the place, they create the rest!

  • Powerful concepts

    Amazing and unique event concepts that give life and meaning to a place and time.

    Creative meet-up

    Let's meet and have fun

    An event designed to connect strangers together thanks to creative activities, meeting games, a welcoming team, joyful music and a lot of plants!

    Itinerant third-place

    Conviviality close to home

    Occupy and animate a place - a workplace, a vacant building, the village square... - for a few days or weeks, with the intention of fostering conviviality and liveliness, in partnership with local actors.

    Inspiring seminary

    Thinking together in a fun way

    Create a unique seminary that fosters a smart use of collective intelligence while ensuring a pleasant moment - with original methodologies, a dose of group connection, an inspiring environment and a pinch of fun.


    Party for the planet

    Why should partying be destructive for the environment? In this concept we clean the place before we dance, limit all consumptions and leave no trace!

    Radical immersion

    Dive into another world

    Travel to another place and time and experiment what life could be in another universe. No anachronism will be tolerated for the experience to be fully effective, and every guest is an actor of this common performance. Can lead to an immersive brainstorming workshop.

    Create your party

    A fully guest-cocreated event

    In this format the event is co-created by its participants: they choose the music, the cocktails, the place... and they create the decorations and set up their own party.

  • Immersive scenography

    Amazing and unique decorations that transports you to another world while bringing warmth and beauty to the place.

    Partners: creative scenographers Infusion Co, urban vegetalizers Merci Raymond, floral artists Pampa, sustainable event furniture La Tête Dans Les Nuages...

    Urban Jungle

    Deependance / Tudobem

    Giving an exotic jungle feeling to a rough techno party in an empty warehouse or at historic place La Rotonde Stalingrad

    Hygge Ski Cabin

    Airbnb France

    Transforming Airbnb France's workplace into an immersive chalet in a cosy Northern way and a floral party table

    Country Club


    Disposing a photobooth at private mansion Club de la Chasse et de la Nature in a 19th Century dandy spirit

    Wood and pallets

    GovTech Summit / Festival Chorus

    A custom scenography made from recuperation pallets and sustainably sourced wood, for a touch of rawness and nature

    Geometric structures

    Festival Chorus / Educate

    Geometric structural scenography with a massive geodesic dome, graphic wooden stick arches/pillars/pyramids and foldable stars

    More ideas

    Infusion Co

    Discover many more scenography projects by creative collective Infusion Co, or send us your brief!

  • Mind-opening experiences

    To create connections between participants, help them open up or reveal an unexpected creative talent

    Partners : conviviality lab Social Bar, party scientists Vyve, yoga and meditation teachers, comedians, gamification experts, sustainability advocates, artists and makers, "makestorming" designers Nod-A...


    Meeting activities

    Mind-opening games, social challenges, collaboration games, group activities, treasure hunts, Vyve experiences, blind tests, no cell phone night...


    Creative workshops and shows

    A shared mural, drawings to color, origami workshops, graffiti initiations, mini hot-air balloon making, interactive music machine, flower crowns making...

    Body and soul

    Present, here and now

    Meditation sessions, yoga classes, mindful eating, free-dance sessions, playing with the senses, blind lunch, mindful conferences...


    Travel to another universe

    Immersive theater and comedians, immersion into the future, the past or another universe, immersive escape games...


    Fun and meaningful

    Plastic free party, zero waste kitchen experience, sustainable cutllery, creation workshop with recovered material, guest-sourced scenography...

    Collective Intelligence

    Strategic facilitation

    Smart brainstorming workshops designed to collaboratively solve a strategic issue, inspiring seminaries to involve employees in a new company's sustainability approach, graphic facilitation...

  • Let's create...

    ...a very special experience for your very special occasion